When will I get paid?

Commissions are generated from the home office following their commission cycle once an agent delivers a policy and all outstanding requirements are at the home office.  Each carrier varies as to when commissions are generated.  You can refer to KAFL’s carrier commission information spreadsheet.

Who pays me?

Most Life and Disability carriers pay directly while most LTC, Annuity and Group carriers pay commissions to KAFL and we pay out every other Friday. Refer to KAFL’s carrier commission information spreadsheet.  It lists carriers, web addresses, minimum check/EFT amounts, and frequency of payment.

When I get a commission check or deposit, why don’t I get a commission statement?

Most carriers no longer provide a paper commission statement.  You must register to use the carrier website to obtain your commission detail.  You can refer to KAFL’s carrier commission information spreadsheet, which lists carriers, web addresses, minimum check/EFT amounts and frequency of payment.

How can I get paid quicker?

Almost all carriers offer direct deposit. Funds are in your account within 3 business days of a commission statement date. Contact the commissions department and they can email you a carrier specific EFT form.

How often does KAFL pay commissions?

KAFL pays commissions every other Friday. We have a $50.00 minimum check/EFT amount. If you are on EFT, we email you your commission statement or provide one with your commission check. We generally run off-cycle commissions once a week for those agents that have a balance of $1000 or more.

Can I see my commission history?

You can view your commission history thru SmartView for Advisors. Click here to learn more about Smartview for Advisors (it will require you to log into KAFL’s webiste).